MHN-TD 150W/730 RX7s - doos 12 stuks

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Product Data
Order product name Philips MHN-TD 150W/730 RX7s 1CT/12
Full product name MHN-TD 150W/730 RX7s 1CT/12
Full product code 871829121534900
Order code 928482500092
Material Nr. (12NC) 928482500092
EAN/UPC - Product/Case 8718291215349
EAN/UPC - Case 8718291215356
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Product Description
MHN-TD - Double-ended quartz Metal-halide lamp

• All types are UV-Block for reduced health and fading risks

• Quartz discharge tube containing high-pressure mercury and a mixture of dysprosium, holmium and thulium halides (4200 K) or tin iodide (3000 K), with sodium and thallium added for color correction and arc stabilization
• Double-ended lamps housed in a tubular clear UV-Block quartz evacuated outer envelope
• Restricted burning position

• Indoors - accent lighting, general lighting in downlighters, e.g. in shops and malls
• Downlighters, uplighters and wall-washers, e.g. in shops and malls
• Outdoors - floodlighting monuments, facades and billboards