Xi LP 110W 0.3-1.0A S1 230V C150 sXt

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Philips Xitanium LP 110W 0.3-1.0A S1 230V C150 sXt
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Xitanium LITE Prog LED Xtreme drivers
Philips Xitanium Lite Programmable LED drivers are value engineered to deliver a carefully selected feature set and high-end performance, making it a preferred choice for many outdoor applications. The portfolio offers high flexibility with a customizable operating window, enabling differentiation in LED lighting designs via system tuning and being prepared for LED efficacy upgrades.

In this product family Philips offers drivers in both compact as well as stretched form factors with a balanced feature set, which offer high value for both OEM customers and end-users. The products can replace the existing programmable outdoor LED drivers and will bring significant improvement in programming, assembly into a luminaire and electrical performance. One of the key features is SimpleSet®, an easy and fast way to configure the driver without the need to power the driver.